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Chop Systems has a demonstrated history of developing maintainable software of high quality for a broad range of applications and industries. Our great passion and expertise lies within modern cross platform C++ development as well as software design and architecture. Besides that, we also have experience with various SQL databases and .NET solutions.
We see Agile and Scrum development as a natural part of how we work. No matter the task, we always strive to develop high quality software and embrace improving our existing skills as well as learning new technologies and methodologies.

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We offer a range of services and price models that can be tailored to your needs. You can see a few examples of the services that we offer:

Well defined projects

We help you realize your project for a fixed price by using our expertise within software development. This model is usually best suited for smaller projects where you know the exact scope of the project and have a well defined success criteria.

Per hour basis

The flexible solution when your organization needs our expertise for a project because you don't have the needed competencies to accomplish your goal. With this model you only pay for the hours spent.

Courses and presentations

Want to improve your skills in the organization? We strive to be up to date with the latest best practices and we would love to help you to use them.

Code reviews

We help you improve your code by doing independent reviews.

Business Partners

A few of our business partners:


Feel free to contact us - we would love to help you with your next project.

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